Previsão de Custo ICO Koakuma (KKMA)



Nome ICOcoakuma
Data de inícioMaggio 10, 2022
Data finalMaggio 11, 2022
Objetivo$ 150000
ico timer - detalhes do cilindro
meses 4 atrás

📝 Diário de Desenvolvimento Koakuma # 38 📝

We are showing how to strengthen the equipment ⚔️ to their maximum level 🔥

What will you do for a higher success rate to boost luck 🍀 when you strengthen your equipment? 🤔

#Koakuma #web3 #CBT2 #Metaverse

***GAME DROP*** Five more games just released on the Rainmaker Platform!

Afterland - @AfterlandGames
Pirates Of The Arrland - @ArrlandNFT
Metaops - @MetaOpsGaming
Koakuma - @Koakuma_Game
Cinder - @CinderNFT

Head over to to discover these and many more.

The growth of blockchain gaming depends on gamers' adoption of blockchain technology.🧑‍💻👾

That’s why we are fully focused on building GuildMaker, which is coming to pave the path of crypto gaming for all! 🦾🎮

🕹️Check out what we are building now!

📝 Diário de Desenvolvimento Koakuma # 37 📝

There are many different musical genres that Koakuma is actively experimenting with 🎵🎼🎶

At this point in the process, you are fighting with Grave Digger 🐂🪓 while listening to this enchanting music 🎧

#Koakuma #web3 #CBT2

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EU FAÇO Terminou
Nome ICOcoakuma
Data de inícioLuglio 21, 2022
Data finalLuglio 22, 2022
Objetivo$ 150000

EU FAÇO Próximas
Nome ICOcoakuma
Data de inícioDicembre 31, 2022
Data finalDicembre 31, 2022
Objetivo$ 150000

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