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Nome ICOPlataforma GEMS Esports 3.0
símboloPedras Finas
Data de inícioMaggio 12, 2022
Data finalMaggio 12, 2022
Objetivo$ 200000
ico timer - detalhes do cilindro
meses 4 atrás

📣Congratulations to all the NARAKA: BLADEPOINT SEA Open semi-finalists!

The first round of solo and trio competitions have just ended. The semi-finalists will be facing tougher competitions and we wish them good luck!

📅 Upcoming semi-final rounds

Solo: 8 Oct
Trio: 9 Oct

📣 The Open Qualifier of the NARAKA: Bladepoint SEA Open has ended. Congrats to the 32 players and 32 teams to the semifinals.

🔔 Don’t miss the great matches
- Solo Semifinal: October 8, 2022
- Trio Semifinal: October 9, 2022

🔈 Tournament Discord: https://discord.gg/qSaTqUsAFX

🤝#GEMS x .@ProjectSeedGame🤝

Project Seed is a #GameFi #Metaverse Ecosystem built by an AAA game studio that aims to create a mobile-focused #blockchain gaming ecosystem. Teaming up with GEMS propels the mission of bringing blockchain games to the #web3 mainstream forward.

📣Thailand Crypto Expo 2022 starts tomorrow!🇹🇭

#GEMS is at #TCE2022, where speakers from the community share their experiences in shaping the industry.

.@thegemsceo will headline a talk on "Why does Web3 involve gaming cryptocurrency and blockchain? Current GameFi trend in SEA"

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ICO Terminou
Nome ICOPlataforma GEMS Esports 3.0
símboloPedras Finas
Data de inícioLuglio 21, 2022
Data finalLuglio 22, 2022

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