Previsão de Custo ICO GigEcoin (GIG)



Nome ICOGigEcoin
Data de inícioOttobre 10, 2017
Data finalTBA
ico timer - detalhes do cilindro
Fim do tempo
Desenvolvimento de SV Blockchain
Parceiro e Membro Consultor

One single automated SaaS admin DLT
No more wasted time hunting invoices, doing manual reconciliations or +/-bookkeeping. Connect your team's work done captures invoices, reconcile and account for it automatically. Track Work, Pay and Reassign. Remotely #blockchain #SupplyChain

This is what we have blockchain in this product build breakdown DLT Which a glance tells that Product D hybrid connects Product C, and that B is the enabler Product of A which is in the 1st protocol. #DigitalTransformation #Futureofwork #Blockchain #ConnectedIntelligence #ESG

Embracing a new mindset to shape a better future successfully becoming Masters of Change.
While it’s our perspective to digitally accelerate “tech for good” we have so placed new technology as the cornerstone of our global leadership. #BuildBackBetter #FutureOfWork #Business #ESG

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